My name is Kimberly Cantu. I am 26 years old, a photographer based in the small town of Uvalde, Texas which I call home. I am a true Uvaldian at heart, born and raised. I have been a photographer for 5 years now. I started out in 2018 taking photos of family and friends until I found how much I absolutely loved it and decided to make it a business. I am very family oriented. I am the middle child of 3. I also work fulltime as a Safety and Security Systems Monitor for our school districts police department.

My biggest supporter.

Growing up in a small town you grow close to family and friends. My family are my world. They are my rock. My dad, is my bestfriend, he is such a hard working businessman, working 24/7, and within those long hours of work he still makes time to be home with family. We will sit and talk about anything and everything for hours. My beautiful mama, constantly working. and taking care of the house, she is the person whom I am always laughing with watching and sharing Tiktoks. My mom is the most selfless person. She puts family before anything. Overall, Its clear to say I have the most amazing, hardworking, selfless parents anyone could ever ask for.

My friends on the other hand, are something special, the saying goes "surround yourself with good people who motivate you to become better", and those are my friends. They are constantly directing people my way for photos sessions, or to book events. Their a hectic bunch at times, non the less they are smart, loving, and all around fun people who support me in every way possible.

My Family

My Friends

Capturing beautiful and precious moments in peoples lives is an escape for me. I put every ounce of energy into a session each time, then I go home and edit for hours at a time because I know how important these photos are for you and for my self. I absolutely love what I do and I hope that you love my work. Because when you see 'Memories to last a life time' on my website I want you to be able to see the photos, love them, give them to family and friends, hang them up in your house, post them online, and show them off to the world! Because that to me shows that those photos are worth it and so are you. Now that you know a little about me Let's work together and create beautiful 'Memories to last a life time.'